05 January 2009

In Country: Faces of Campinas

Tomorrow we are leaving for another city, Belo Horizonte, with Richard and his Master's Commission team. After we spend the week in Belo, we will be on the road for about a month. So, before leaving today I wanted to post one more entry about some of the random faces of Campinas. Enjoy!

Richard and the Skippy Superchunk in his home the night we arrived (December 26). We were carrying a suitcase full of goodies which included two large jars of peanut butter. Apparently Brasilians don't make or buy peanut butter so it's really hard to get in the stores. As soon as we passed the jar to him, he opened it and started spooning chunks into his mouth.

Dom Pedro Mall food court at opening time. This is the largest shopping center in South America. David went one afternoon and took this picture.

Thabiti, Andre and Rastaman on the street. David took this photo.

Jocelyn, Fernando and Hope at my favorite outdoor restaurant in South America.

A Cambui sunset.

Holiday shoppers on the street
David and Hope on the train.

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