14 January 2009

In Country: Curitiba

Last night David, Hope, Fernando and I took an overnight bus from Campinas to Curitiba. We arrived blurry eyed and raggedy at 6:00am this morning to our hotel, San Juan Charm. I was concerned that we would not be allowed to check in so early in the day but my fears were unfounded. Not only did they let us check in but they prepared a gorgeous breakfast spread for us, complete with yogurt, cheese, several kinds of bread, granola, scrambled eggs, hot coffee, warm milk, fresh squeezed orange juice and really juicy watermelon. It was delightful!

The rooms are huge with lots of marble and glass in the bathroom. The lobby has a simple, elegant decor which includes lots of hard wood and clean lines. I really like this place!


Butch and Janis said...

Your observations and experiences remind me of similar experiences while visiting the Philippine Islands. I am uplifted by your account of the humanity of some who are dedicated to helping others in need and saddened by the chronicle of human misery, especially of street children.

Maureen Moore said...

Yes, David spent several years in the Philippines and when we first arrived here he said numerous times that Brasil reminds him of that place.

The people we have met at the rescue house are amazing! They seem to me to be the unsung heroes of this world. If they could get even a small fraction of the bail out money Bush & Co has given to banks in the U.S., most of the street kids' problems would disappear.

But that's the wrong kind of wealth redistribution, isn't it.