03 March 2009

In Country: Summary of the World Social Forum in Belem, Brasil

The following are a couple of salient excerpts from the summary. Otherwise, here is the link for you to read the whole document. It's pretty compelling and worth more of my attention than I have time to give it right now. http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=12520

"The declaration of indigenous peoples uses similar terms to those found in the ASM declaration to formulate demands for an antiracist, antipatriarchal and socialist alternative that would respect the earth mother. The crisis of the capitalist, eurocentric, patriarchal and racist development model is complete and opens onto the biggest social and environmental crisis in the history of humankind. The financial, economic and energy crisis contributes to structural unemployment, social exclusion, racist violence, machism, and religious fanaticism. So many deep and simultaneous crises spell out a genuine crisis in Western civilisation, the crisis of the ‘capitalist development and modernity’ that jeopardizes all forms of life. Yet even in such a quandary some still dream of improving this model and will not recognize that the present crisis is a product of capitalism itself, on eurocentrism with its model of a State for one nationality, of cultural homogeneity, of Western positive law, and of commodification of life."

"Lula’s political stance is close to the liberal social model of Gordon Brown in England, or of Zapatero in Spain. It mainly favours the big capitalist Brazilian companies established throughout Latin America, the powerful Brazilian agribusiness sector, the private banking system, and the big transnational corporations located in Brazil. It is a policy that promotes exports as fundamental to development, in particular the sugar cane industry with a view to producing ethanol, and transgenic soy exports. In ecological terms, however, the consequences for the last five years have been catastrophic. Since 2003, Lula’s policies have engendered deforestation in Amazonia over an area equal to that of Venezuela."

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huevofilosofo said...

FYI: this week on “NOW” is discussing the murder of social activist Sister Dorothy who was killed trying to help save the Brazilian Amazon and help empower peasant farmers. Ugh! just like Chico Mendes--wtf!
Here’s the link to “Now” for those who are interested: http://www.pbs.org/now/shows/510/index.html