06 March 2009

In Country: Beach Time!

Today is a holiday in Recife and all 2 million residents, seemingly, went to the beach. Although I am not a sun worshipper Fernando, Hope and I did go down to check out the action. This is what we saw.

Bodies, and more bodies.
Apparently Recife is renowned for shark attacks close to shore with about one per year ending up being fatal. Signs of caution like this one were liberally sprinkled around the beach.

Brasilians don't appear to care much about the warnings, however.
A lifeguard tower manned by pigeons. Surely they can fly fast enough if a great white breached, but I am not so confident about the birds' ability to handle a life preserver in the event of an emergency.
Bodies, lots of bodies. In this case, she had the body of a 30 year old and the face of a 60 year old. Brasil is the botox capital of the world, I am told.
Bodies, lots of bodies.

Vendors, lots of vendors. In this case, he was hawking plastic ponies from his forehead.
Hope drinking coconut milk.

Edigio working toward his 30th pull-up.
Stephanie, a Brasilian Obama lover.
Young bodies.
Umbrellas over bodies.
Old men.
Young boys.
Old men, young boys and vendors, lots of vendors.
What was the holiday? Known as Magna Pernamubuco, this civil holiday celebrates the Revolution Pernambuco which broke out on March 6, 1817. Also referred to as the Fathers of the Revolution, the instability caused by the Revolution Pernambuco eventually led to the independence of Brasil from Portuguese monarchical rule in 1822. Unfortunately for the leaders of the revolution when the territory of "Pernambuco declared independence from Portugal, Alagoas, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará [also] adhered, the upheaval was violently crushed by Portugal, and the leaders were beheaded." http://www.v-brazil.com/information/geography/pernambuco/history.html
I wonder if all those bodies on the beach today knew some other bodies lost their heads in order to earn this holiday?


Sharon said...

Comment to David: Work is good at CDCR.

Was I right in saying you'd never want to leave Brasil? Happy to read the blog and keep up with both of you. Thoughts and prayers are both of yours!

Sharon L. from OWP

Rondinella said...

Hello! Nice to know you are studying about Brasil. But take care: Brasil is two! or more...
I'm an anthropologist and was professor like you. Good luck and take care there. Raquel