24 February 2009

In Country: Superlatives

Now that I have rested up a bit, and since I am about halfway through this trip, I wanted to post a list of superlatives: the best and the worst, so far. In no particular order, here they are.

Best pousada/hotel breakfast: San Juan Charm in Curitiba

Best beach: Ilha do Mel

Worst beach: Superagui (the dog poop didn't help)

Best limonada: some hole-in-the-wall place across from Praca de Republica in Sao Paulo

Best shopping mall food court (ugh, I can't believe I am even acknowledging this!): Dom Pedro Shopping in Campinas

Worst pizza: some hole-in-the-wall place in Santarem (the food poisoning was a factor)

Best airport: Belem (which was helpful because we had to spend 9 hours in it between flights)

Smallest airport: Santarem (which reminded me of places my dad used to fly the family into when I was a kid)

Best home cooked food away from Jocelyn's house: Carlos and Cesar's house in Monte Alegre

Most embarrassing moment: standing in the line for pregnant women while at the store in Campinas (caixa preferencial)

Most amazing thunder and lightening storm: last night while exercising in the hotel's rooftop gym

Worst laundry experience: when we paid the equivalent of about $90 US to a hotel worker in Belo Horizonte when we could have done it ourselves for less than $20 US

Best 4-wheel drive experience: in Carlos' truck on the way to the caves

Wildest boat ride: from Paranagua to Ilha do Mel (turning around in the storm to pick up the stray life vest didn't help)

Longest boat ride: swaying with strangers between Manaus and Santarem


Carol Raymond said...

This blog doesn't have a date, nor does the one preceding it. When was it???????

Maureen Moore said...

I posted three entries on one day. If you scroll to the top you would see the dateline is February 24.